About InnZ Medical

We are a supplier of optician, optometry and ophthalmic examination, diagnostic and surgical equipments and services in Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

We have more than five decades of combined ophthalmic experience and our staff has worked in leading ophthalmic organizations before joining us.

Our objective is to provide excellent service, market leading products and brands at an affordable and realistic price.

InnZ Medical was started in Norway in 2002 and since our launch in 2008 in Sweden, numerous customers have trusted us with our products and high quality of service. Today we are a leading supplier of ophthalmic products and services in Swedish, Danish and Finnish markets. InnZ Medical Denmark was launched in 2012 and InnZ Medical Finland was launched in 2013.

We are an environmental friendly company and all our actions aim at judiciously using all the resources of our customers and suppliers.