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Canon OCT HS-100


The first Fully Automated Spectral Domain OCT.
Operating an OCT has never been easier.
The OCT-HS100’s extensive automatic functions simplify and
optimize examinations. A single mouse click correctly aligns and
focuses on the retina to maximize scan quality. The operator then
decides with a second click when the scan itself will be initiated,
allowing full control over the instrument. The high scan speed
of 70,000 A-scans/sec results in very short examination times
—typically under two seconds—improving effi ciency and resulting
in a very patient-friendly experience


  • a-scans/sec­ max­70,000
  • axial­ resolution­ 3­um­
  • transversal ­resolution­ 20­um
  • pupil ­size ­requirement­ 3.0­mm­­
  • Oct ­light­source­ 855­±­5­nm
  • Working­ Distance­ 35­mm­
  • Fundus­preview­ fs­ SlO
  • Observation­light ­source­ 780­±­5­nm­
  • Field­ of ­view­ 10­x­10­mm­
  • auto­scan­position­­ Follow­ up ­with­ SlO­ tracking­
  • Dimensions­­ 387­x­499­x­474­mm­(WxDxh)
  • Weight­ 29­kg
  • Option­­ anterior ­Oct­ adapter
  • Brochure