Canon CR-2

Canon CR-2 AF Digital Retinal Camera

The CR-2 AF is an Auto focusing Non Mydriatic Camera added auto functions. Images with a Canon retinal camera has never been easier! Especially because it comes with Canon’s newest addition: Canon Opacity Suppression (COS) – a breakthrough in retinal imaging. With this sophisticated image processing the effects of mild cataracts and other ocular opacities will be largely suppressed Images that were previously unsuitable could now provide essential clinical information This could increase the success rate of retinal examinations and reduce the incidents of various pathology going unnoticed. Also Canon’s own EOS camera technology, with its renowned image processing capabilities, has been adapted exclusively for Canon retinal cameras to offer optimal retinal imaging.


Auto focus
Auto shot
Auto Anterior Switching
Photometric Auto Exposure
Full LED technology
Anterior IR photography
Compact and ergonomic
20,2 Mega Pixel
Only 15 kg
Low flash mode


Canon CF-1

Canon CF-1 Retinal Camera

Easy to use powerful high resolution digital retinal camera with 50° angle

Versatile 50° retinal camera with 4 photography modes ; Color. FAG, RedFree and Cobalt. Required pupil diameter as small as Ø 5.2 mm , even Ø 4.3 mm in SP Mode! The CF-1 comes with bundled Retinal Imaging Control Software for full camera control and image optimalization.


  • 50° retinal camera
  • High quality and high resolution images
  • 2 x digital magnification
  • Easy alignment and focus
  • Ergonomic design with intuitive controls
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • EOS Camera
  • Bundled Retinal Imaging Control Software
  • Open connectivity and DICOM compliant


CR-2 Plus

Canon CR-2 Plus AF

Canon CR-2 Plus AF Non Mydriatic Camera

The CR-2 Plus AF is an Auto focusing Non Mydriatic Camera with Fundus AutoFluorescence (FAF)
With the added auto functions, taking images with a Canon retinal camera has never been easier!
The FAF photography mode will provide information on changes of the retina that can’t be made visible with standard colour photography.
The 5 photography modes: Color, Red Free, Cobalt, FAF and Anterior Segment make the CR-2 Plus AF a very versatile retinal camera. It is equipped with a unique dedicated EOS camera for the highest image quality.


  • Auto Focus
  • Auto Shot
  • Automatic switch from external to retinal observation
  • Auto Diopter Compensation switch
  • Auto Exposure
  • Standard equipped with Fundus Autofluorescence (FAF) mode
  • Anterior segment photography mode
  • Dedicated 18 Mega Pixel EOS camera
  • Stereo photography mode
  • Extensive software (bundled)


VX-10i Digital Set with Digital ICG +VK-2

VX-10i Digital Set with Digital ICG +VK-2

Two-In-One Non-Mydriatic and Mydriatic Fundus Camera. 

Highly effective and ergonomically designed, the ideal tool for eye-care photography.
VX-10i, camera of extend possibilities with the optional ICG filter, VX-10i become the perfected fundus camera performing all non-mydriatic color, mydriatic color, FA and ICG.

Fundus camera ”Kowa VX-10″, Double video adapter for Nikon SRL camera and KD-144i, Nikon SRL camera, ICG filter, Filing system ”Kowa VK-2″

The 1.4 mega pixel black and white CCD camera (KD-144i) has been newly developed exclusively for high-resolution ICG images.

VX-10i’s ICG Angiography

The VX-10i features almost all VX-10α functions; using the optional ICG filters enables ICG angiography. In ICG mode, LCD monitor observation of the retina is possible. In addition, the use of the optional 1.4 megapixel black and white CCD camera allows high-resolution ICG still image photography.

Canon CX-1

Canon CX-1 Retinal Camera

Canon’s CX-1 is a compact and portable hybrid retinal camera that combines both Mydriatic and Non-Mydriatic Modes, and switches between the two with a simple touch of a button.

The CX-1 is a MYD and Non-MYD hybrid digital retinal camera. It is extremely versatile with its 5 photography modes; colour. FAG, red free, cobalt and FAF (Fundus Auto Fluorescence). Making it ideal for screening and the diagnosis of the main eyes diseases.


  • Digital Retinal Camera,
  • Hybrid camera MYD / Non MYD
  • FAF (Fundus Auto Fluorescence), also in Non Myd mode
  • Use of EOS technology
  • Advanced Stereo photography system
  • Bundled Retinal Imaging Control Software
  • Open connectivity and DICOM compliant