HNT-1/1P measures customized intraocular pressure with smart function autoadjustable puffing intensity.
Intuitive interface based on corneal thickness to compensate for IOP value, produces accurate measuring data immediately and effortlessly.


  • Auto-adjustable Smart Puffing Control for Intraocular Pressure
  • Auto Tracking Guide Display
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Accurate Corneal Thickness Compensation
  • CCT(Central Cornea Thickness) Measurement
  • Visualization for Corneal Thickness Measurement
  • ACA(Anterior Chamber Angle) Capture
  • Angle Measurement Function by Touch Screen



Canon TX-20P

Canon TX-20P

With fully automated 3D alignment and a built-in pachymeter the TX-20P is more than just a tonometer

A Fully Automatic, Non Contact Tonometer combined with a Pachymeter. The TX-20P is a multi-functional ophthalmic instrument that measures IOP and Central Corneal Thickness and then automatically calculates the corrected IOP.

Fully Automatic, Non Contact Tonometer combined with a Pachymeter

Advanced intelligent 3D fully automated operation

Just press the button
Extremely accurate


  • More than just a very accurate Tonometer
  • Fast and timesaving
  • Space saving
  • Excellent ergonomics
  • Patient friendly
  • Lower and upper IOP warning
  • Intelligent powered joystick






Haag-Streit Tonosafe

Ease, accuracy and efficiency in one Tonosafe are designed for single use, without compromising the performance of Goldmann Applanation Tonometers. Tonosafe reduces the risk of cross infection between patients and improves productivity by freeing doctors and nurses to focus on productive and important tasks.
Easy to use. The Tonosafe prism and holder combine to have the same mass as the Goldmann prism, so no conversion of results is needed.

Improves efficiency. Positing the prism is quick, and the optical clarity provides a superb view of florescent semi-circles.

Provides extreme accuracy. Calibrated to Goldmann standards, Tonosafe can be used in Goldmann and Perkins tonometers. Clinically validated by many papers over a 10 year period. Salvi et al. (2004) reports that it may be used for screening plus routine clinical use.



Luneau L900 Disposable Tonometer Prisms (Tonojet)

Luneau’s Tonojet Separation (doubling) Prism is used like any other tonometer prism. It simply takes the place of standard separation (doubling) prisms. The Luneau L900 Tonojet Prism fits all Goldmann type applanation tonometers. However, this sterile single-use (disposable) contact prism protects your patients against any disease (hepatitis, Aids, Viral Kerato-conjuctivitis vCJD) transmitted by the lachrymal film. The sterile individual packaging allows the mounting of the separation prisms without any direct contact with the patient.

100 in a box


Disposable prism