PalmScan AP2000 USB


The PalmScan A2000 A-Scan is a unique device capable of performing both applanation as well as immersion biometry. It does both quickly and with extreme accuracy. The A2000 makes immersion biometry effortless through the use of the E-Z Tip Immersion Shell and the portable A-Scan ultrasound. With the A2000, time will no longer be a limiting factor in the office as the device takes only seconds to complete an immersion A-Scan, giving doctors quick results and leaving patients with no mess and no discomfort.
With the A2000, it is not necessary for doctors to recline their patients or to juggle multiple tools in order to obtain an accurate immersion readings. Through the use of ultrasonic waves, the A2000 is able to quickly measure thicknesses of the anterior chamber, lens, and axial eye length to calculate the required IOL (intraocular lens) for a patient before surgery. PalmScan’s battery operated ultrasonic technology allows for measurements of even the densest cataractous eyes, giving you 100% patient coverage. Another feature of the A2000 is the Contact/Applanation mode where the PalmScan utilizes our proven “Corneal Compression Detection” technique which warns the user of any corneal compression, preventing the user from taking inaccurate measurements.

Ophthalmic biometry has been made easy with the convenience and power of the PalmScan A2000, assuring a smooth and successful surgery for both patient and doctor.

Mobile B-Scan

Turn any PC into a B-Scan device capable of high-resolution ultrasonic imaging

Requires USB 2.0 Interface

The Mobile B-Scan is MMD’s portable and extremely versatile ultrasound device.  This device turns any PC into a B-Scan device, capable of high resolution imaging.

The B-Scan is easy to use with custom settings for multiple applications and a patient database with virtually unlimited size.  Since this same probe can travel with you and be used on multiple PCs, it is convenient to operate no matter where you are.

The Mobile B-Scan is not only convenient but efficient and accurate with high resolution imaging that give over 2000 sample points per line.  The device also has adjustable pulse power that improves its penetration capabilities. With a pulse frequency of 12MHz/15MHz it has a 3 to 10 cm penetration depth and with its dual calipers you can easily measure the structure within the eye.

Printing and capturing images of the eye have never been easier.  Simply print captured images to your existing office printer or store movies or JPEG images right to your PC’s hard derive. Adjustable size cine buffers with a maximum of 512 buffers ensure that you always capture your best images.


PalmScan P2000 Fastpatch

Superb Accuracy

PalmScan’s FastPach has 4um accuracy and superior results.


Weighs only 2.5 oz (71 grams). Built-in probe makes FastPach handheld and easy to use.

Built-in Rechargeable Battery

Quick charge time on battery and over 300 patient measurements on single charge.

IOP Adjust Software

Easily adjust IOP based on measured corneal thickness.

Corneal Measurements

Guaranteed fast and easy central corneal measurements.

50 MHz Probe Frequency

50 MHz probe is the highest available on any pen pachymeter and allows for quick and reliable measurements.

200 MHz Sampling Frequency

Highest sampling frequency on the market and provides for the highest measurement accuracy.

Low Cost

Capable of performing many of PalmScan P2000 functions at a lower cost.

Built-in Calibration Block

Simplifies verification of device’s proper calibration.