Luneau L80 Wave+


Luneau L80 Wave+

Automatic functions
• High precision Refractometry.
• Central and peripheral Keratometry.
• Topography up to 100 000 points.
• High density Aberrometry up to 1500 points.

Wave+ advantages
• Fully automatic 3-D and R/L eye alignments.
• 4 types of automatic simultaneous measurements.
• Operator independant measurements.
• High reproducibility of measurements.

Ultra efficient 3-D alignment
Entirely automatic alignment and measurement allowing :
• Higher reliability of measurements.
• Significant time saving.
• Great comfort of use.


Visionix Eye-Refract VX120 / VX130

Corneal Topography

• Keratometry
• Contact lens fitting
• Keratometry
• Corneal aberrometry


• IOP-measurement
• Corneal thickness-measurement
• Corrected IOP

Pre- and post-op cataract surgery

• Visualization of crystalline opacities
• Analysis of wavefront aberrations
• Axis alignment check of toric lens implants
• Post-op check in intraocular lens implants


Brochure VX120

Brochure VX130


Visionix Eye-Refract VX36

• Measuring function and an optical center marking function
• VX36 displays P.D. and P.H. measurements
• Measures both uncut single lenses, framed glasses, and contact lenses.
• Automatic detection of multi-focal lenses and UV measurement.

Brochure VX36


Visionix Eye-Refract VX40

• Easy to use
• Automatism and precision
• Automatic lens type detection
• Complete analysis

Brochure VX40