bambach Chair


Bambach Saddle Seat

Health professionals worldwide have been recommending and endorsing the Bambach Saddle Seat for over 25 years.

As health professionals you are constantly required to make decisions to help your patients towards recovery and well-being. The Bambach Saddle Seat not only offers solutions to injury and rehabilitation it can be:

  • implemented as part of a ”back to work program”
  • included in an ”injury management prevention strategy”
  • or in an ”ergonomic workstation assessment”

The ultimate benefits of the Bambach are many, including increased energy. While sitting on a Bambach your spine in its neutral position and all major joints are in balance, your core muscle groups are engaged and fatigue is reduced leaving you feeling less tired at the end of the day



greiner workstool


Work chairs with hand release

You can choose from two different backrests. The reclining for models with a double spring in the backrest is absorbed. The backrest can individually be adjusted with the help of the height and depth adjustment of the backrest. The semicircular backrest can be swiveled by 90° to the left or right side. It can be mounted on the left or right side or even in the centre. In addition this backrest can be inclined forewards and backwards by 11° and can be lowered to the lumbar vertebra area.

There are three different adjusting ranges for the seat height so that it can be adjusted according to different sizes and / or heights for working: 42-54 cm, 46-58 cm and 54-73 cm. The seat can be adjusted with the help of a gas spring which is operated by a hand lever under the seat. All workstools are equipped with safety castors which keep the chair in its position when not sitting on it. All work stools have a highly polished aluminium base part and a chrome-plated column. The massive, chrome-plated footring avoids a sagging of the legs. These chairs are also available in an electroconductive version.

The seats of the workstools have a diametre of 40 cm. As an alternative you can also get a seat with an ergonomically shaped conical design in the front part. This shape automatically helps taking away pressure from the surgeon’s thighs.


Mercado Real 9000+

The chair REAL 9000 PLUS is a Swedish-made special seat for disabled persons of all ages. It is modular and easy to customize for each patient’s needs.


The chair is constructed with a focus on ergonomics and functionality, high quality and a contemporary design. The smooth PLUS-frame in combination with the easy-rolling wheels leaves much room for legs.The REAL 9000 PLUS is available with a wide range of options and accessories like electrical up an down.



chair G


Medinstrus Chair G


Refractionchair with electrical up and down. Can be delivered with an array of accessories, like handles and footrest.