Huvitz Kaizer

The Huvitz Kaizer HPE-8000 series seamlessly finishes plastic, hi-index, polycarbonate, and Trivex® and offers the widest range of bevel options available. With accelerated long-life milling technology super hydrophobic axis twisting is eliminated, and with the optional drill unit, virtually any lens shape or hole pattern is possible.


Huvitz Edger Features:

  • Integrated, accelerated long-life milling technology
    to eliminate axis twisting

  • Widest range of bevel options available including:
    Standard, Mini Bevel, Asymmetric, Semi U, and
    customizable beveling for high curved frames

  • User friendly touch screen and graphical user interface

  • Advanced 3-Dimensional digital technology

  • Detailed edging status is displayed graphically in real-time

  • Dual CPU system supports full multitasking, editing and loading

  • Optional drill unit 


Briot eMotion


Edger,Tracer and Blocker



Data input is made easy, thanks to the high-resolution touch screen. All commands on the screen, display of both eyes at 1:1 scale, command flow systematically the same regardless of the edging process, and easy-to understand icons for almost immediate learning.

Input zone

• Upgraded, patented Briot tracer
• The multi-axis tracer precisely records the frame’s characteristics,its shape and its curvature
• Protective cover against dust and any water sprays
• Input of metal and plastic frames, patterns and demonstration lenses
• Easy positioning of the frame
• Manual clamping to prevent any distortion of ultra-thin frames
• Gentle frame realignment during clamping operation [Smooth Scan] Frame thickness and groove position measuring in order to obtain a flawless fit of the lens into the frame
• Short cycle: 1 minute for both eyes
• Memory: 300 jobs and 200 patterns



Briot Alta NX


Designed to be like you
You are unique: so of course your machine should be too. With that as its guiding principle, Briot International has designed an
edger which can be totally personalised for your needs and completely adapted to the way you will use it. You prefer to simplify
the interface? All you have to do is delete the icons you do not require and disactivate the options you do not use.
Alta NX
Drilling and notching
Drilling unit Polishing – bevel finishing
The ultimate finishing quality
The Alta NX pushes back the limits of edging technology, while optimising
your time. It enables you to undertake even the most difficult work:
now you can produce drilled jobs and edge high base lenses.
• “Autofocus“ Bevel
A choice of five automatic bevel programs allows you to personalise
and get the best out of the job, by taking into account all the characteristics
of the lens and the shape of the frame in “4D”.
• “Finesse” Safety-bevel
With this option you are assured of surgical accuracy on internal
and external faces of the lens, for any lens thickness.
• “High Definition” Drilling
A totally new design concept allows the drilling unit to work at any angle
from 0° to 30° with an accuracy of 0.1 mm: the lens fits the frame instantly.
Work that you previously had to sub-contract is now within your reach,
at lower cost and with better quality.
• “Synchronization” Grooving
Inclined grooves are positioned automatically, taking into account
the curvature and the thickness of the lens.
• “Diamond“ Polish
Perfect transparency and sparkle complete the elegance
of your assemblies. Your clients will appreciate the added value.