Huvitz Kaizer Frame Tracer HFR-8000

  • Precise scanning of all metal and plastic frames
  • Binocular and monocular tracing are both available to meet users’ accuracy and efficiency needs
  • Accurate tracing of high-curve frames with unique HUVITZ mechatronic technology
  • Accurate scanning for concave shape, sharp edge, and narrow frame is very easy!
  • Keeping out dust will ensure durability and precision


Briot Alta XS

The Briot Alta NX edger has already defined the standard for high quality lens edging, with it’s futuristic design and abundance of simple-to-use features.Buchmann UK are delighted to have the Briot XS centering and tracing unit in our portfolio as a lower-cost alternative to the acclaimed XL fully automatic centering station.

Remarkably compact and undeniably beautiful, the Briot XS brings together the best combination of features to complement the Briot NX edger, ideally suited to producing the best quality spectacles. With simplicity as a leading design principle the Briot XS is the essential partner for the lab.

The Alta XS system has many features normally associated with more expensive centering solutions, all of which are accessed via its extremely intuitive touch screen. Every operational detail has been considered to make this unit an absolute pleasure to use. Standard features include:

  • Integrated frame tracer
  • Video assisted blocking using Briot magnetic blocks
  • Drill hole recognition
  • Digiform customisation of lens shapes
  • Magic Blue illumination to adapt to the shade of the lens
  • Extensive job library of 2048 patters and 512 jobs
  • Data management system


Huvitz Kaizer Auto Blocker HAB-8000

A one-stop solution, combining the functions of a tracer, lensmeter, and auto blocker in one powerful machine. Fully automated lens centering and blocking at the push of a button. Just place the lens in position and the HAB-8000 will do the rest. Combine with any compatible Excelon or Exxpert Edger for a complete solution customized to meet your finishing needs.


Briot eMotion

Edger,Tracer and Blocker

Data input is made easy, thanks to the high-resolution touch screen. All commands on the screen, display of both eyes at 1:1 scale, command flow systematically the same regardless of the edging process, and easy-to understand icons for almost immediate learning.

Input zone:

  • Upgraded, patented Briot tracer
  • The multi-axis tracer precisely records the frame’s characteristics, its shape and its curvature
  • Protective cover against dust and any water sprays
  • Input of metal and plastic frames, patterns and demonstration lenses
  • Easy positioning of the frame
  • Manual clamping to prevent any distortion of ultra-thin frames
  • Gentle frame realignment during clamping operation [Smooth Scan] Frame thickness and groove position measuring in order to obtain a flawless fit of the lens into the frame
  • Short cycle: 1 minute for both eyes
  • Memory: 300 jobs and 200 patterns