Huvitz HDC 9000 PF




Huvitz HDC9000 PF



LCD Type 24-inch Color TFT-LCD (Only HDC-9000/PF supports the polarized panel)
Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels
White Luminance 300 cd/m2
Chart Window Size 531.4mm(H) x 298.9mm(V)
Power Supply Input : AC100-240V, 50/60Hz Output: +DC12V, 7.08A
Power Consumption 80VA
Dimensions 568mm(W) x 346mm(H) x 80mm(D) / 6.1kg
Remote Controller Size 64mm(W) x 195mm(H) x 21mm(D) / 160g
Working Distance 1.5m~6m (0.1m step)
Connections Audio, USB, HDMI, CAN, RGB
Communication Wire (CAN) – HDR-7000 can be integrated. / CDR-3100 can be integrated.
Wireless (IR) – Remote controller and HDR-7000 can be integrated.
Mount Type Wall mount type
Optional Accessories Desk Stand, Floor Stand, RG glasses, Polarized glasses
Charts Landolt C, Letter, Number, Snellen E, Children, Russian, Hiragana
Functional charts (Red/Green, Cross Cylinder, Binocular Balance, Fusion and
Suppression, Heterophoria, Aniseikonia, Stereoscopic Vision Test, etc.)
Mask Filter Letter, Horizontal Line, Vertical Line, Red/Green Filter
User Menu Video and Image mode
Slide show
Contrast Sensitivity
Background Luminance
Red/Green Balance
Compensation for Red/Green Filter
Random Function
Space Interval of Optotype
Chart Background Reverse
Special Tests Color Vision Test
Hue Test
Contrast Sensitivity Test



Luneau L40 P


Luneau L40P

• Comprehensive range of application from low vision to hyper acuity
• Contrast and colour tests.
• Aesthetic and compact design.
• Highly luminous screen with strong contrasting ability
• Working distance 2m to 6m (6.6 ft to 19.7 ft)
• Intuitive remote control
• Easy to upgrade.
• Multimedia function.
• Polarized 24’’ screen.




Optopol uSee


uSee is an innovative sight examination system. It displays several kinds of charts, combining the convenience and simplicity of classic charts with the capabilities of optotype projectors.

It offers standardized charts in accordance with world standards [EN ISO 8596 and EN ISO 8597] and diagnostic requirements.

Wireless remote control operation allows for easy steering with charts and chart display variants.



  • numerous charts in one system
  • random symbol display
  • masks – illumination of a symbol or row
  • mobile tests
  • available chart update
  • intuitive operation
  • access to all functions with a remote control
  • possibility of creating four settings profiles
  • adjusting to consulting-room size
  • language versions: English, German, French, Italian, Polish