Huvitz HRK-9000A

Huvitz Auto Ref/Keratometer

Increase total practice efficiency and enhance the total experience with Huvitz Auto Ref/Keratometer HRK-9000, offering the world’s first Contact Lens Fitting Guide with color camera. One of a kind, the HRK-9000 offers a Meibomian Gland Analysis function and Tear Film Break Up Time (TFBUT) measurement. Other features include Wireless Communication, full compatibility with all EMR Systems and Full Three Year Warranty.
Auto Ref/Keratometer Features

TFBUT Measurement & Meibiography
Contrast Sensitivity & Glare Test
Wavefront Technology
Touch & Tilting 7″ Color Display
Wireless Communication
Peripheral Keratometry Measurement
IOL Mode
Iris & Pupil Diameter Measurement
Contact Lens Fitting Assistance Guide
Efficient Contact Lens Prescription
Micro Lens Array creates separated focal spots to provide valuable information about the patients’ ocular systems
More Accurate Data including KER and REF data
Color View Mode: Full color CCD camera & white LED source in ref/keratometer enables you to see eyes & contact lens fitting status which was previously only possible with slit lamps
Subjective VA Test
Auto Tracking
Adjustable TFT LCD w/ LED backlight display
Network connectivity
Auto Cutting Printer


Huvitz HRK 8000 A


Huvitz HRK-8000A


The HRK-8000A Wavefront auto refractor/Keratometer is the newest generation instrument from Huvitz. This model combines the features of an auto refractor, auto keratometer and an aberrometer into one convenient-to-use instrument. The HRK-8000A is based on the Hartmann-Shack principle and focuses on measuring second-order aberrations, which result in myopia or hyperopia and regular astigmatism. Because correcting second-order aberrations has the highest impact on acuity, which is the eye’s ability to distinguish object details and shape. Wavefront Maps – The HRK-8000A leads better understanding for patients’ eye conditions since it graphically shows the second-order aberrations including myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. In addition the wavefront maps can be printed out.

RMS (root mean squared) – The HRK-8000A provides RMS to quantify the amount of aberration and describe the magnitude of an eye’s second order aberration for 3.0 mm pupil size.

Residual Astigmatism – The HRK-8000A measures the refractive error of the total eye, corneal astigmatism and calculates Residual astigmatism. This valuable information provides more information in regards to the eye as an entire system. In addition the residual astigmatism values can be printed out.

Peripheral Keratometry – The HRK-8000A is capable of providing five directional keratometry readings, one central and four peripheral readings. This additional information offers enhanced data for better contact lens fitting.

Continuous Measurement Mode – While pressing and holding down the joystick button, continuously measurement can be completed without a delay to fog the patients vision. This provides quick and rapid measurements.



Canon RK-F2

Canon RK-F2

Full Auto Ref-Keratometer with advanced 3D alignment and measurement, for fast and reliable results.

Canon RK-F2,
With the new RK-F2 Full Auto Ref-Keratometer, Canon continues its legacy in providing fast and accurate measurements.


  • Fully Automatic
  • Large Tilting screen
  • Easy to operate
  • Compact and Lightweight device
  • Corneal periphery measurements
  • Retro Illumination mode
  • Diameter measurement
  • Extensive connectivity

Detailed Features

Fully Automatic

The RK-F2 has Canon’s advanced 3D Full Auto alignment and measurement. system . Getting results is as easy as pressing one button, simply align roughly on the pupil and initiate the measurement. The advanced intelligent automatic operation will take over, alignment and measurement on both eyes will be done completely automatically, even the print-out is automatic.

Easy to operate

The intelligent powered joystick and the fully automatic alignment system makes the instrument very easy to use. The minimum pupil diameter requirement of just ø 2mm helps measuring the more challenging patients.

Compact and lightweight device

The sleek and modern design of the RK-F2, makes it an easy fit for any examination room.

Corneal periphery measurements

The peripheral keratometry mode provides accurate measurements for examining oblique astigmatism as well as for determining the best fit for a contact lens. Up to additional 8 points can be measured.

Retro Illumination mode

Useful for identifying cataracts, vitreous opacity, scars, and other serious eye problems.

Diameter measurement

From a still image of the eye, a diameter measurement of the pupil, cornea or contact lens can be performed.



Huvitz HRK 7000A


Huvitz HRK-7000A

Human eye is unique as a fingerprint and requires a custom corrective solution. For this reason, we need fast, versatile and accurate methodologies for eye examination according to each individual customer’s unique vision correction eeds. HUVITZ HRK-7000 / HRK-7000A based on WAVEFRONT technology has opened up new possibilities for diagnosis of ocular error.

Unlike many conventional diagnostic devices, HRK-7000 / HRK-7000A is based on Hartmann-Shack wavefront sensor, which analyzes many focal spots of a light wavefront. It has the ability to measure not just the basic refraction error of a customer, but to obtain a spatially resolved refraction map of the wavefront.