Vacuklav 44 B+

The power house for big practices!

The bigger sterilization chamber (45 cm, 22 litre volume) and the vacuum pump\’s water-cooling system make the Vacuklav 44 B+ an ideal autoclave for all practices who wish to sterilize many instruments in a short time.

Up to 7 kg wrapped instruments can be sterilized in the “Class B” program in a record time of approx. 30 minutes, including fractional pre-vacuum and drying!

For unwrapped or maximum 1.5 kg wrapped instruments, the Vacuklav 44 B+ offers the fast program “B” with only 17 minutes of drying time included or for unpacked instruments the Quick-Program “S” which is only 10 minutes in duration.

The innovative colour-touch display of the Vacuklav 44 B+ prevents user error, all menus are self-explanatory and intuitive.

The software which is already integrated into the device is of great benefit for the approval, identification and tracking of sterilized instruments. It saves time and reduces the costs of having to obtain additional software and hardware!





Vacuklav 30B+

Efficient and reliable

The efficient, water-cooled vacuum pump secures successful sterilization and optimal dryness of instruments up to 5 kg in weight, also in continuous operation. The connection of the autoclave to the water inlet and outlet is as simple as with a washing machine! Practices appreciate in particular the proved reliability of the Vacuklav 30 B+, the simple operating design and the numerous possibilities for loading. Up to five trays or three cassettes can be sterilized at the same time in the compact sterilization chamber (depth 35 cm, volume 17 litres). The integrated monitoring of the feed water is an additional advantage, since bad water quality damages instruments and causes high costs.