Lumenis Selecta Duet

Lumenis Selecta Duet


Breakthrough SLT Technology and a Yag Photodisruptor in ONE Platform

The Lumenis Selecta® Duet™ represents the industry’s most advanced anteriorsegment laser, combining the advantages of YAG photodisruption capabilities along with the innovative Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT) technology, which was developed and brought to market by Lumenis.

The system’s fully integrated design, enhanced optics and advanced laser cavity make the Duet one of the best performing laser products in its segment.

The Duet is also the only upgradeable SLT and YAG combination Laser currently available in the market – allowing you to further extend the unit’s capabilities by adding photocoagulation technology at any point in time.


Lumenis Novus Spectra

– Premier photocoagulator

Premier, high-powered, photocoagulator

The Lumenis Novus Spectra is an innovative photocoagulator with an extensive set of features that deliver power and
reliability with proprietary advancements in diode-pumped solid-state technology.

Next-generation DPSS technology drives 2.5 W of power from the compact Novus Spectra system and an active resonator temperature control ensures stable beam output and system reliability. Versatile, efficient and compatible with a wide-array of delivery devices, the Novus Spectra was designed to provide optimal results in the operating room and outpatient clinic.



Aura PT

Lumenis Aura PT

The Preferred YAG Photodisruptor

Enhanced Patient Safety; Superior Technical Design

The Aura® PT™ Ophthalmic YAG Photodisruptor Laser System represents the latest YAG product offering from Lumenis – the market leader in ophthalmic laser technologies.

The preferred product for anterior-segment procedures such as laser iridotomy and capsulotomy, the Aura PT includes advanced specifications which make treatment fast and accurate for superior patient care.


Designed to be safe and easy to use, the Aura PT is the result of years of engineering and manufacturing expertise. The Aura’s advanced features – a 16 degree cone angle, precision optics, adjustable posterior & anterior offset, high repetition rate and variable burst modes – allow you to perform capsulotomies on all types of intraocular lenses (IOL) with significantly lower risk of lens pitting. In addition, the superior laser cavity design enables more efficient tissue cutting at lower power and with fewer shots.


The Aura PT was designed with the busy, multi-physician practice, surgery center and outpatient clinic in mind. It truly offers ophthalmologists a YAG photodisruptor that is exceptionally robust and affordably priced.




Lumenis Array LaserLink

Pattern Scanning Laser Technology

Lumenis introduces Array™LaserLink™
a technologically advanced delivery system
that significantly enhances standard laser
treatment by providing new pattern scanning
capabilities to photocoagulation lasers and
considerably reducing treatment time.




Lumenis Selecta Trio

Lumenis Selecta Trio

Retinal, Cataract and Glaucoma Therapy in One Product

Maximum flexibility; minimum footprint

The Lumenis Selecta® Trio™ represents the next generation
of multi-modality products, offering retinal, cataract and advanced glaucoma therapies in a single platform. The unit’s integrated design, enhanced optics system and advanced laser cavity make the Trio one of the highest performing laser products in the market –maximum flexibility with minimum footprint.



Selecta II for Glaucoma

Lumenis Selecta II

Portable, Clip-on, SLT Laser


The Lumenis Selecta II SLT laser offers you all the advantages of a premium SLT product together with true portability and maximum space utilization.

The Selecta II is a clip-on product; conveniently fitting onto most commercially-available converging-optics style slit lamps. The unique design of the unit’s laser-head makes it especially easy to attach and disconnect the system – allowing you to use your slit lamp as either a diagnostic tool, advanced laser delivery device or both.