Rayner T-flex® Aspheric Toric IOL


Superb centration and excellent rotational stability make Rayner’s® T-flex Aspheric Toric IOLs a precise superior alternative to incisional methods for the treatment of pre-existing corneal astigmatism1. AVH Technology®, combined with an exceptionally wide range of cylinder and sphere combinations, make accurate and predictable visual outcomes2possible for your astigmatic patients.

T-flex Aspheric Toric IOLs are available in cylinders 1.0D to 11.0D in 0.5D increments – and offer a far greater range of cylinder and sphere combinations than most other toric IOLs, allowing you to correct significant levels of astigmatism and address the needs of an important patient population.

Raytrace® is Rayner’s web based toric lens calculator and ordering system. Accurate and predictable results delivered in a fast and convenient interface. This level of service takes the toric IOL to a whole new level. Login here or if you are new to Raytrace register here.

T-flex Aspheric IOLs are currently available with a 5.75mm or 6.25mm optic. The optic selection is made automatically by Rayner via Raytrace, so that the largest possible diameter optic is supplied for any particular sphere / cylinder / injector nozzle combination.


Rayner C-flex® Advance Aspheric


Mini Incision Preloaded IOL Injection System

The Rayner C-flex Advance Aspheric offers the cataract surgeon implanting monofocal IOL’s the reassurance of a minimal touch delivery system, via a mini incision, combined with the benefits and superior, clinically proven patient outcomes of the aberration neutral C-flex aspheric IOL.

Streamline and optimise your workflow in theatre with the C-flex Advance Aspheric – Rayner’s first preloaded delivery system for the aspheric monofocal C-flex IOL.


The Advance Mini Incision Preloaded Injection System

•  IOL positioned correctly – one less possible error step for peace of mind and minimal variability
•  Minimal touch IOL – eliminates handling of IOL with less chance of lens damage or contamination
•  Deliver IOL through a 2.2mm incision or greater – minimises surgically induced astigmatism
•  Single handed plunger system with ergonomic grip – for better control