Rayner Sulcoflex® Supplementary IOLs


As a cataract and refractive surgeon, achieving optimal visual outcomes for your patients is paramount. Today, with advanced IOL design and modern surgical techniques and equipment, an exact refractive result following cataract surgery with implantation of an IOL is a reasonable expectation. However should you not achieve an ametropic outcome with a primary IOL, wouldn’t it be great to have a simple solution that offers both you and your patient a second chance to achieve their desired refractive result?

Rayner® Sulcoflex Pseudophakic Supplementary IOLs enable you not only to enhance but also to correct your existing cataract patients’ vision with aspheric, multifocal, toric and multifocal toric models. Sulcoflex has been used in the following indications and patient types;

  • Residual refractive error after cataract surgery
  • Residual pseudophakic presbyopia
  • Residual pseudophakic astigmatism*
  • Enhancement of refractive results after LASIK, PRK, PRELEX or RLE
  • Extreme myopia/hyperopia
  • Patients experiencing a dynamic change of refraction
  • Patients without biometry readings

Sulcoflex has been designed to avoid the problems of conventional ‘piggybacking’;

  • Unique design avoids potential for contact with primary lens
  • Large optic diameter reduces risk of pupillary block and photic effects**
  • Hydrophilic acrylic for high uveal compatibility with the delicate tissues of the sulcus
  • Undulating and rounded haptics for stability in the sulcus
  • Reversible;  remove the IOL in a straightforward procedure without the risks associated with primary explantation***

*Unusual or irregular anatomy of the ciliary sulcus may cause a postoperative rotational displacement of the IOL. In such cases, the IOL may be realigned and fixated by suture.
**An iridotomy/iridectomy may be necessary.
***Please note that in the case of fixation by suture, removal of the IOL from the eye will necessitate a more complex procedure.


Note: Sulcoflex Pseudophakic Supplementary IOLs are not approved for sale in the US.
Please contact your local Rayner distributor for more details on availability.