Sterilization Containers



  • Investment in Efficiency


    • Optimal space provided at lowest overall height
    • Exeptional longevity due to extremely durable materials
    • Low running costs – filter exchange only after 150 reprocessing cycles
    • Low maintenance costs – the circumferential Pasteur loop makes the exchange of the silicone seal dispensable


  • Optimal Instrument Protection and minimal Rinse Residue


    • Ideal protection for sensitive instruments against sliding and damage due to suspended retainer strips on bottom and lid
    • Individual fittings – retainer strips can be mounted flexibly


  • Best Reprocessing Conditions


    • Little rinse residue due to special geometry of retainer strips
    • Very good drying results – water can optimally drain due to diagonally sloped springs
    • Excellent tribological behavior due to optimal microstructure of the surface


  • Process Security


    • Security in surgery routine with sterilization and security seals and colored inserts for display of timing for filter exchange


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